Zolinger ZP1800 Travel Jib


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Zolinger ZP1800 Travel Jib

The Zolinger Travel Jib ZP1800 is one of the most compact, lightweight and versatile camera jibs on the market. 

  • The ZP1800 more than triples it’s carrying size. Total length of 2,7 meters (9ft) and a carrying size of only 80cm (32”).
  • Thanks to the high grade components and ingenious design, the Travel Jib ZP1800 can carry up to 28kg (60lb), nearly 5 times it’s own weight (6kg/14lb).
  • The new ZP1800 features the patented Zolinger folding-system and makes this Jib one of the fastest and most compact systems on the market.
  • The folding-system allows for a fast and tool-free assembly and makes the jib extremely compact and lightweight.
  • The ZP1800 is accepted by major airlines as carry-on luggage.
  • By using special reinforced arial-grade aluminum we were able to produce a jib that weighs only 7kg (15lb) and can support cameras weighing up to 10kg (22lb).
  • The rear counterweight rod can be extended to allow for fast and easy balancing of the jib.
  • The jib feature three variable shooting modes. Follow the subject or allow for tilting movement during elevation.
  • The Jib can be used in two variable shooting lengths with a reach of 120 or 170cm (47/67″).
  • It is mounted to a frictionless swivel base that allows for smooth 360° pans.
  • The base can be attached to any 65, 75 and 100mm tripod bowl.
  • The Jib rental includes a custom counterweight bag that can be loaded with water bottles or sand. Very convenient when traveling light.
  • The ZP1800 Jib is supplied in a padded carrying case for safe transport.